Grow 1 – Day 70


The stretch is definitely happening, when I check on it in the morning it seems like it has grown up a few inches. I have been pretty lax with the LST lately because it doesn’t seem as helpful now that the plant is getting bigger. Still not many signs of flowering yet, I can see some pistils but they are not super noticeable. Tonight will be a week since she has been at 12/12. Watered her with around 1.5 gallons a couple days ago, I am surprised I don’t have to water more often than every 4 days or so but it takes a while to dry out still. Next watering I will give a flower nute ratio instead of transitional, maybe that will help get the flowering going better. I am starting to feel like this has been a lot of time and work for a couple ounces of weed but we’ll see how it goes. Still have another 9 weeks or so left probably, ugh. Whatever, it gives me something to do and I do enjoy it.



Grow 1 – Day 66


Haven’t had much time to update lately but there hasn’t been much change other than continued growth. Tonight will be the  4th night of 12/12. I can see pistils in some spots now but they’re not super noticeable yet. Have her a 2 liter of water last night because I wasn’t sure if she was thirsty or not…the older soil from before I reported seams to dry a lot faster and the newer soils was still damp so figured I would just give less water. Will keep an eye on it. I keep the door to the room open when they lights are on so fresh air can get in (have an alarm set on my phone so I don’t forget to go up and close the room back off before lights off, haha). Temperature today has been 64-68 degrees and humidity has been 46-53%.

Grow 1 – Day 61


Tonight is the second to last night before I will be at 12/12, lights will be off tonight from 10pm to 6am. I watered her again tonight with a transitional nute ratio again. Not much else to say, no real changes other than continued growth. Worried a little that this pot still may not be big enough but I really can’t go any larger than this because I can barely lift it (to empty the drainage) when it is wet as it is in this pot. Temperature today has been 64-70 degrees and humidity has been 40-51%.


Grow 1 – Day 59


Finally began the transition to 12/12 last night, set the lights to go off from 1am – 3am. Tonight I have them set to to off from 12am-4am and I will add 2 hours each night until I get to 12/12. Very excited to see how this goes! Gave her a good watering with 2 gallons on Sunday night. I did some LST to the stems in the middle after this pic was taken because they were growing too much taller than the outer stems. Temperature today has been 66-72 degrees and humidity has been 37-48%.

Grow 1 – Day 57


Have had a few minor fuck ups over the last few days, haha. Friday night I got drunk and forgot to turn my LED back on after I was done checking on it so the LED was off til morning (but I do have the two CFLs on the side so it wasn’t in total darkness). Then yesterday morning while I was checking on it my big box fan literally just died while I was standing there so I finally had to set up the two small fans I bought which I had been using as clamps to keep my CFLs hung. So then I needed a new solutiom for hanging the CFLs and I decided duct tape was a good idea (it wasn’t). I went out last night and didn’t get a chance to check again til this morning and both CFLs had fallen to the ground, one was still on and one was in pieces, oops. Hopefully my new solution of clamping duct tape wrapped around the cord works out better.

Anyway, not much else to say. Today will be the last day of 24/7 light so excited to see how flowering goes. Going to water today and mix transitional nute ratios with more bloom. Temperature today has been 64-68 degrees and humidity has been 27-34%.


Grow 1 – Day 54


Seems to be taking to the new pot very well, doesn’t seem like growth has slowed down at all. I just watered her but I only gave her a gallon because there was still water in the new soil. Will do 2 gallons moving forward probably. I realized the light timer I had bought at the very beginning isn’t going to work because it only has a two prong outlet, ugh. I bought a new one with three prongs last night and it will arrive Monday so that means I am waiting until Monday to start cutting down the light hours. Oh well. I have been more relaxed about the LST in the past couple days because I want the outer stems to catch up a little in height.

Here is another pic taken from above:


I forgot to check the thermometer and I am too lazy to go back upstairs right now but there have been no significant changes.

Grow 1 – Day 52

Today, based on some feedback I received on a forum, decided to transplant to a larger pot. I went from a 12 inch terra cotta pot to a 15 inch plastic pot, I am not sure the gallons as neither of them have that measurement, just the diameter of the top. The new pot basically added around 4-5 inches on the bottom and around an inche and a half around, hope that’s enough. They had a larger 18 inch one but that just seemed way too humongous. I watered her yesterday so the soil was still wet, had to loosen up the edges (used a thin wooden cabob stick and just poked it around the sides) because it would come out of the old pot at first but then it slid right out in one piece. There were lots of roots but they looked healthy and white. I wet the new soil that I had to add but I didn’t water the old soil because I just watered last night and was afraid of over watering so I hope that wasn’t a mistake. Has been a few hours since and all seems well though. Here is a photo taken from above with the LED on just because I like this perspective:

Still planning on starting the transition to flower this weekend, got the window sealed up properly to block light (used tin foil and painters tape, classy I know) so now I just have to do the door. I think I am going to reduce the amount of light 2 hours every day until I am at 12/12. 

I did notice that the top of the plant was starting to get a little light burn so after I transplanted I made sure to put it higher up.

Didn’t bother looking at the thermometer today since it was away from the plant in a different room for a while when I was transplanting but seemed around where it normal is.

Grow 1 – Day 50


Haven’t been updating as often as there hasn’t been much to write about. As you can see I’ve made some progress on evening out the top of the canopy. I am going to switch to flower next weekend so will have to prep for that this week. I have been doing 24 hours of light so light leaks haven’t been a concern, I am going to sew up some light blocking curtains to cover the one door and window for the room. I already have a timer for the lights but will need to figure out how to use it. I have been having to water more often than before, around every 3 days and I am sure the frequency will only increase so gotta keep a close eye on that. Here is a photo taken from above with the LED on that better shows the number of main stems:


Temperature today has been 64-66 degrees and humidity has been 50-58%.

Grow 1 – Day 47


Yesterday I trimmed around 5 fan leaves that were getting in the way too much. I also started to LST the two main stems from the first topping to the sides to even out things a little more horizontally. Not much else going on. Temperature has been 68-70 degrees and humidity has been 51-72%.