Grow 2 – Day 72

I moved both plants to the greenhouse 2-3 weeks ago or so and transferred them to their final pots. Here is a pic of the Blueberry plant, which is around 10 days older than the other one and was put outside around 3 weeks ago:


And here is a pic of the Northern Lights that I put outside a little over a week ago:


They are definitely stretching since I moved them outside but that’s okay because they have plenty of space to grow. It hasn’t been super sunny lately so I’m sure they’re getting less light than they’re used to inside. Otherwise seems like both plants have adjusted very well to the move and are growing great! Each one has around 9 tops, I have topped each of them twice now.

I did a lot less LST with these two than I did with the one I just harvested because it didn’t seem super necessary to me for outdoor growing, will be interested to see how that effects the outcome though.


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