Grow 1 – Harvest


I know it’s been a while! I’ve been pretty lazy about updating. Last night I finally chopped her down! Now the buds just have to hang to dry for a few days or so and then I will begin the curing process. I feel like I got a pretty good yield, guessing somewhere in the 3-5 oz range but we’ll see, have to wait til they’re dry to weigh them. I’ll definitely do an update once I know.

When I harvested the trichomes were still mostly cloudy but I didn’t want to wait any longer because I’d been flushing with just water and no nutrients for two weeks and this thing had been flowing for nearly    3 months. Here are some pics taken yesterday morning before I harvested:

I dried out a little nug in my vaporizer then smoked it and…it works! Haha, not going to do that again because the smoke was still very harsh but wanted to give it a try. I’m not good at describing how I feel when I’m stoned but I think it’s a good high, am interested to see what my friends and family think though. Here is a close up of one of the buds I took while I was trimming:


Speaking of trimming, wasn’t 100% sure if I was doing that right, haha. I mean I read about it but it’s hard to just get the sugar leaves without cutting some bud too, it look me like 6 or 7 hours to harvest. I did get a lot of trim though I think, I also accidentally cut off some of the buds while trimming, oops. Here’s a pic that shows the trim and extra buds:


Dont mind the room, we’re in the process of renovating.

I think I’m feeling motivated enough to do an update on the other two I have vegging so stayed tuned!


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