Grow 2 – Day 30


So it is day 30 for the Blueberry plant shown above. Seems to be growing at around the same rate as my first plant so that’s good. So far she seems very healthy. I re-potted her a couple weekends ago and the roots looked good. I did top her for the first time a few days ago and she is recovering well from that. I will start LST pretty soon.


The Northern Lights (shown above) is on day 21 and clearly not doing so well, which is 100% my fault. I noticed she was pretty dry on Friday and meant to water her and put her in a new pot on Saturday but my weekend was really hectic and I just didn’t have time. The bottom two leaves and now pretty yellow and she is pretty droopy. I gave her some water with low dosage nutrients this morning before work, hopefully she recovers just fine! I also re-potted her a little around a half hour ago though based on what I saw of the roots it appears I could have waited a bit longer on that, oh well.

Unfortunately the weather here is still too cold to move them to the greenhouse. Thinking I will be able to finally bring them outside in the last week of May. I am going to start acclimating them to the change during the warmer daytime hours as soon as we have temps steadily in the mid 60s or higher though.


Grow 1 – Day 109


Long time no post! It has been around 6.5 weeks since I switched to 12/12 now, not really sure how much longer I have but I am guessing around 3 weeks? The trichomes are looking cloudy but not really seeing any amber yet. The buds have been slowly filling out over the last few weeks, I don’t really notice the growth because it’s pretty slow. Have had some minor nutrient burn so I’ve started giving nutrients every other water instead of every time I water.

The pic above was taken in the dark with flash because I read that makes the buds easier to see. Here’s another pic with just the CFL lighting:


And here are a couple close ups of the buds taken through my loupe:



Will do an update on my newer plants soon but they are doing well so far!