Grow 2 – Day 1


As you can see by the title today marks the first day of my second grow! I was on the fence about when to get them started since I don’t have a great setup inside for them to start vegging but the weather here is getting springier and we finished setting up the greenhouse today so hopefully I will be able to move them outside before they veg too long! I had some seeds left over so I decided to grow one Northern Lights (this is the strain I am currently in process with from grow 1) and 1 Blueberry that I had gotten as a free seed. I may end up getting some autoflowers to grow over the summer as well but not sure if I will have the space as my boyfriend wants to grow lots of other stuff in the greenhouse, we’ll see! Until they go outside I am just going to give them 18 hours a day of CFL light. I plan to have 4 true 40w CFLs per plant, just have two for now since they haven’t even germinated. I am using left over premixed coco/perlite but when they are repotted I am going to mix it myself to save a little money. I bought 20 inch planters as what I intend to be their final pots, they look to be around 7-8 gallon pots. This will be an experiment, they may not make it since I am not experienced growing outdoors and there is a lot less control outdoors so we will just have to see how it goes!


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