Grow 1 – Day 80


Some solid flowering progress over the last few days, seems like the stretching period is slowing down a lot over the last couple days so hoping that means the plant is focussing all it’s energy on flowering. Here are a couple pics with the LEDs on they better show the bud sites:



Looking forward to harvesting, I know I still have like 6 or 7 weeks left though! I wonder how much I will end up getting.

Have been thinking about my next grow. We were actually recently gifted a 10×10 greenhouse that we plan to set up in the upcoming weeks so my next grow will be in there! Will be interesting to see the differences from indoor growing. Not sure how many plants I am gonna do yet as we are planting a bunch of other stuff in there as well. I figure I should take advantage of the free lighting and plant like 4 or 5 at least, I have 5 seeds left so maybe I will just do them all.


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