Grow 2 – Day 11


So as you can see one of my seeds had an issue. Both seeds sprouted around 3 days after being planted however the Northern Lights lost one of its┬ácotyledons because it got stuck in the seed and then ripped off as it continued sprouting, bummer. I planted a new one yesterday so hopefully this one has better luck! The blueberry seedling is doing well though, working on its second set of leaves. I have 4 40w CFLs over it now. Once it starts to get a little nicer out I will start exposing them to the outdoors for part of the day so they don’t go into shock when I move them out there full time.


Grow 1 – Day 90


Haven’t been updating as frequently as not much has been going on other than very slow bud growth. She is definitely focusing all of her energy on the buds and doesn’t seem to be growing much anywhere but the buds that I am noticing. Everything seems to be going well though. I got my magnifying lense in the mail today so I took a few close ups. Here is one without the LED light:


Grow 2 – Day 1


As you can see by the title today marks the first day of my second grow! I was on the fence about when to get them started since I don’t have a great setup inside for them to start vegging but the weather here is getting springier and we finished setting up the greenhouse today so hopefully I will be able to move them outside before they veg too long! I had some seeds left over so I decided to grow one Northern Lights (this is the strain I am currently in process with from grow 1) and 1 Blueberry that I had gotten as a free seed. I may end up getting some autoflowers to grow over the summer as well but not sure if I will have the space as my boyfriend wants to grow lots of other stuff in the greenhouse, we’ll see! Until they go outside I am just going to give them 18 hours a day of CFL light. I plan to have 4 true 40w CFLs per plant, just have two for now since they haven’t even germinated. I am using left over premixed coco/perlite but when they are repotted I am going to mix it myself to save a little money. I bought 20 inch planters as what I intend to be their final pots, they look to be around 7-8 gallon pots. This will be an experiment, they may not make it since I am not experienced growing outdoors and there is a lot less control outdoors so we will just have to see how it goes!

Grow 1 – Day 80


Some solid flowering progress over the last few days, seems like the stretching period is slowing down a lot over the last couple days so hoping that means the plant is focussing all it’s energy on flowering. Here are a couple pics with the LEDs on they better show the bud sites:



Looking forward to harvesting, I know I still have like 6 or 7 weeks left though! I wonder how much I will end up getting.

Have been thinking about my next grow. We were actually recently gifted a 10×10 greenhouse that we plan to set up in the upcoming weeks so my next grow will be in there! Will be interesting to see the differences from indoor growing. Not sure how many plants I am gonna do yet as we are planting a bunch of other stuff in there as well. I figure I should take advantage of the free lighting and plant like 4 or 5 at least, I have 5 seeds left so maybe I will just do them all.