Grow 1 – Day 70


The stretch is definitely happening, when I check on it in the morning it seems like it has grown up a few inches. I have been pretty lax with the LST lately because it doesn’t seem as helpful now that the plant is getting bigger. Still not many signs of flowering yet, I can see some pistils but they are not super noticeable. Tonight will be a week since she has been at 12/12. Watered her with around 1.5 gallons a couple days ago, I am surprised I don’t have to water more often than every 4 days or so but it takes a while to dry out still. Next watering I will give a flower nute ratio instead of transitional, maybe that will help get the flowering going better. I am starting to feel like this has been a lot of time and work for a couple ounces of weed but we’ll see how it goes. Still have another 9 weeks or so left probably, ugh. Whatever, it gives me something to do and I do enjoy it.



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