Grow 1 – Day 57


Have had a few minor fuck ups over the last few days, haha. Friday night I got drunk and forgot to turn my LED back on after I was done checking on it so the LED was off til morning (but I do have the two CFLs on the side so it wasn’t in total darkness). Then yesterday morning while I was checking on it my big box fan literally just died while I was standing there so I finally had to set up the two small fans I bought which I had been using as clamps to keep my CFLs hung. So then I needed a new solutiom for hanging the CFLs and I decided duct tape was a good idea (it wasn’t). I went out last night and didn’t get a chance to check again til this morning and both CFLs had fallen to the ground, one was still on and one was in pieces, oops. Hopefully my new solution of clamping duct tape wrapped around the cord works out better.

Anyway, not much else to say. Today will be the last day of 24/7 light so excited to see how flowering goes. Going to water today and mix transitional nute ratios with more bloom. Temperature today has been 64-68 degrees and humidity has been 27-34%.



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