Grow 1 – Day 54


Seems to be taking to the new pot very well, doesn’t seem like growth has slowed down at all. I just watered her but I only gave her a gallon because there was still water in the new soil. Will do 2 gallons moving forward probably. I realized the light timer I had bought at the very beginning isn’t going to work because it only has a two prong outlet, ugh. I bought a new one with three prongs last night and it will arrive Monday so that means I am waiting until Monday to start cutting down the light hours. Oh well. I have been more relaxed about the LST in the past couple days because I want the outer stems to catch up a little in height.

Here is another pic taken from above:


I forgot to check the thermometer and I am too lazy to go back upstairs right now but there have been no significant changes.


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