Grow 1 – Day 52

Today, based on some feedback I received on a forum, decided to transplant to a larger pot. I went from a 12 inch terra cotta pot to a 15 inch plastic pot, I am not sure the gallons as neither of them have that measurement, just the diameter of the top. The new pot basically added around 4-5 inches on the bottom and around an inche and a half around, hope that’s enough. They had a larger 18 inch one but that just seemed way too humongous. I watered her yesterday so the soil was still wet, had to loosen up the edges (used a thin wooden cabob stick and just poked it around the sides) because it would come out of the old pot at first but then it slid right out in one piece. There were lots of roots but they looked healthy and white. I wet the new soil that I had to add but I didn’t water the old soil because I just watered last night and was afraid of over watering so I hope that wasn’t a mistake. Has been a few hours since and all seems well though. Here is a photo taken from above with the LED on just because I like this perspective:

Still planning on starting the transition to flower this weekend, got the window sealed up properly to block light (used tin foil and painters tape, classy I know) so now I just have to do the door. I think I am going to reduce the amount of light 2 hours every day until I am at 12/12. 

I did notice that the top of the plant was starting to get a little light burn so after I transplanted I made sure to put it higher up.

Didn’t bother looking at the thermometer today since it was away from the plant in a different room for a while when I was transplanting but seemed around where it normal is.


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