Grow 1 – Day 50


Haven’t been updating as often as there hasn’t been much to write about. As you can see I’ve made some progress on evening out the top of the canopy. I am going to switch to flower next weekend so will have to prep for that this week. I have been doing 24 hours of light so light leaks haven’t been a concern, I am going to sew up some light blocking curtains to cover the one door and window for the room. I already have a timer for the lights but will need to figure out how to use it. I have been having to water more often than before, around every 3 days and I am sure the frequency will only increase so gotta keep a close eye on that. Here is a photo taken from above with the LED on that better shows the number of main stems:


Temperature today has been 64-66 degrees and humidity has been 50-58%.


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