Grow 1 – Day 35


Didn’t get a chance to update yesterday but my LED light finally came today! I just finished setting it up just before these photos were taken and I have it 24 inches from the top of the plant. Going to keep an eye on it and see how my plant is doing to determine whether I should change that distance. I will wait to add CFLs until I am sure I have the LED at the best level. Things seem to be going pretty well but it’s getting quite bushy. I am trying to LST so that the lower branches can get some good light, hopefully the LED will help a lot with that. I think I have around 7 or 8 potential colas right now which I would be happy with for my first grow, we will just have to see how it goes. Here is another photo taken from above:


Probably going to give her some more water tomorrow as it’s been around a week. Temperature has been 68-75 and humidity has been 34-40%.


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