Grow 1 – Day 33


Things are looking good, have several stems growing their way up and the stems where I topped are starting to grow pretty good now too. May do some more rearranging and LST later tonight or tomorrow to try to better maximize my light. My LED hasn’t even shipped yet so kinda pissed about that, ugh. One thing I’ve noticed over the last few days is that my plant appears to already growing pre-flowers, seems kind of early for a non-auto but I don’t know…maybe that’s not even what these are (Edit: the helpful forum folks advised me these are stipules):


You can also see how well my plant has recovered from topping in that pic. Temperature today has been 61 – 64 degrees, a little chilly and probably because I left the spare bedroom door open to bring in some fresh air most of the day. I just closed it and turned the heat up a bit. Humidity has been 42-46%.


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