Grow 1 – Day 30


Starting to recover from all the crap I’ve put her through this week. Unfortunately it grew too close to the lights overnight and has some burns but not too bad, will try to be more careful about that. The new growth where I topped it yesterday was getting covered by the leaves of the branches below it so I did have to tie those to make a bigger light opening in the middle. Growth where I topped it has been slow, here’s a pic taken from above that better shows this:aviary-image-1487026520696

I did end up buying an LED light, I went with a the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower. It was only $90 and I think it may be more economical then buying more CFLs in the long run. Plus if I end up liking it I can buy another one and they have daisy chain connections so that’s cool. This one seemed to have the best reviews overall for this price range based on what I found online. I also bought some protective eyeglasses meant for LED grow lights as I also read that these lights can do some pretty serious damage to your eyeballs. I still plan to supplement the lighting with CFLs as I know 300w equiv isn’t really all that great. Temperature today has been 61-77 and humidity has been 35-42%.


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