Grow 1 – Day 29


When I checked on my plant this morning it had grown significantly bushier since yesterday and the upper leaves were blocking light to the lower leaves again. I decided to remove the strings and was going to redo them right away in a way that would better spread the leaves so that the lower branches could get some light but it wasn’t really working because my plant is still short and in such a large container that the strings can only only do so much. So I decided I was going to try to use a diffrrent method I had seen in a different tutorial (cannot remember where or I would link it) using a wire coat hanger cut up and bent into a U shape. I tried to put it below the leaves of the top set of leaves and then bend the stem and put the bottoms of the wire into the soil but instead I accidentally topped my plant, haha. I wasn’t planning on topping at all for my first grow because I read it adds time to the veg stage but oh well, no big deal. So I decided to take a break with the LST for now and let the plant recover from the topping for a bit. The one string I left was at the base to help stabilize the plant since the stem was leaning because of the LST I had started. Here is a pic that shows the topping:


Hopefully it all works out in the end. I watered again right before theses photos were taken as the top few inches of the soil had dried out. I was planning to use nutrient free water every other watering however so far I have only had to water once a week because of the pot size. I was concerned that it wouldnt be getting enough nutrients so I did give it nutrients again (week 2 again since she’s still pretty small using the feeding chart I previously linked from If she eventually needs more frequent waterings I will switch to every other watering but I think I should be giving nutrients once a week….we will just have to see how it goes and how the plant reacts I suppose. Temperature today has been 64-82 degrees and humidity has been 25-32%.


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