Grow 1 – Day 45


Everything is going fine, did end up watering last night using the same week 3 measurements that I have used the last couple waterings. Not a whole lot else to write about today. Temperature has been 68-72 degrees and humidity has been 52-60%.


Grow 1 – Day 44


Been a couple days since I’ve updated. The growth on top was getting too much higher than the rest of the plant so I decided yo top it again (this will be the last time) this morning. Here is a pic showing were I topped:


Soil is getting dry so I will probably give her a watering tonight. I’m starting to think I may switch to glower earlier than I had planned and sacrifice some yield for time so I can get started on my next grow sooner but I havn’t decided yet. Temperature today has been 61-70 degrees qnd humidity has been 69-80%. May need to buy a dehumidifier as humidity has been on the high side lately.

Grow 1 – Day 40


Good growth happening, just doing my best to LST to spread this bush out. I re-do the ties twice a day, perhaps overkill but I have nothing better to do and it only takes like 10 mins. Coco is getting pretty dry so I am going to water her tonight. Temperature today has been 66-73 degrees and humidity has been 37-45%.

Grow 1 – Day 39


Lowered my LED a few inches last night so now it’s around 20 inches from the top of the plant. Manufacturer recommends 24 which is where I had it previously but it didnt seem like it was getting enough light to me. No signs of stress from moving it a little closer so far…may even try to move it a couple more inches closer. Other than that not much going on. I think topping was definitely a good accident and am considering possibly topping it again. Temperature today has been 70-75 degrees and humidity has been 41-48%.

Grow 1 – Day 38


Seems like there was more growth thn usual today. I did add a couple CFLs on the side so maybe that’s why. Here is a pic of how my very unprofessional setup looks now:


I also have a large box fan not shown that I place right in front. Here’s another photo that shows the current height:


As you can see she is around 5 and a half inches now. The room I have the plant in now wreaks of weed smell which is kind of odd because if you sniff it up close it just smells planty. Temperature today has been 66-72 degrees and humidity has been 40-59%.

Grow 1 – Day 37


Not a whole lot to say today…just continuing to move and tighten the strings to space the stems out. There are already some dry spots on the top layer of soil, usually it takes longer to dry out so not sure if it’s because of the LED or if it’s just because my plant is growing. Another thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that I lifted the pot up yesterday after I watered it and I could see some roots in the drain hole. Hopefully my pot is big enough and my plant doesn’t get root bound. Temperature today has been 68-72 degrees and humidity has been 55-61%.

Grow 1 – Day 36


LED seems to be doing fine, getting sick of wearing the protective glasses though…maybe I will set a couple CFLs up and just turn the LED off when I check on it instead. Watered her this morning with week 3 of the coco coir nute schedule I previously linked to. Just continuing to reposition the leaves for optimal light and growth.Really wish I could get some more height as this plant is so bushy it’s tough to spread them much when their stems are so short. Temperature today has been 66-72 degrees and humidity has been higher than usual (went up after watering) at 39-63%.

Grow 1 – Day 35


Didn’t get a chance to update yesterday but my LED light finally came today! I just finished setting it up just before these photos were taken and I have it 24 inches from the top of the plant. Going to keep an eye on it and see how my plant is doing to determine whether I should change that distance. I will wait to add CFLs until I am sure I have the LED at the best level. Things seem to be going pretty well but it’s getting quite bushy. I am trying to LST so that the lower branches can get some good light, hopefully the LED will help a lot with that. I think I have around 7 or 8 potential colas right now which I would be happy with for my first grow, we will just have to see how it goes. Here is another photo taken from above:


Probably going to give her some more water tomorrow as it’s been around a week. Temperature has been 68-75 and humidity has been 34-40%.

Grow 1 – Day 33


Things are looking good, have several stems growing their way up and the stems where I topped are starting to grow pretty good now too. May do some more rearranging and LST later tonight or tomorrow to try to better maximize my light. My LED hasn’t even shipped yet so kinda pissed about that, ugh. One thing I’ve noticed over the last few days is that my plant appears to already growing pre-flowers, seems kind of early for a non-auto but I don’t know…maybe that’s not even what these are (Edit: the helpful forum folks advised me these are stipules):


You can also see how well my plant has recovered from topping in that pic. Temperature today has been 61 – 64 degrees, a little chilly and probably because I left the spare bedroom door open to bring in some fresh air most of the day. I just closed it and turned the heat up a bit. Humidity has been 42-46%.