Grow 1 – Day 17


Still looking good, I think. I was wrong about how many leaves are in the newest (3rd set) of leaves, there are 6 total (3 on each side). Last night I did end up watering it with just water and calmag PHed to 5.8. Gonna plan to give nutrients every other watering but we’ll see how it goes. I also added a couple more  40w (2800 lumens each) daylight bulbs so now I’m up to 4 bulbs total (160w / 11,200 lumens). I really need to find a way to better control the water flow (like buy a watering can, LOL) when I do water because it’s way too intense for this medium, it expands a lot and I’m affraid it will damage my plant as last night my plant actually fell over from the water flow. I picked it pack up and gave is some extra soil support near the bottom of the stem and luckily the plant seems fine. I did accidentally leave my fan away from the plant earlier today when I was checking on it and when I came back the temp in the pot was 86, yikes! I put it back and will have to try and be more careful, I bet the new lights didnt help either. The temp range today overall has been 75-88 degrees and the humidity has been 28-35%.


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