Grow 1 – Northern Lights


So this post will just explain what my set-up is and what my plan is so far.

For my first grow I have planted 1 Northern Lights seed that I purchased online. I am using a Coco Coir and Perlite mix (in a 2-3 gallon (not sure as its just a random pot I found in my shed) terracotta pot. To start i am using 2 40w Daylight CFLs, I will add at least another two as the veg phase progresses. Once i switch to flower I will use 42w Soft White CFLs. I am using a four way socket splitter with a homemade reflector on top (cardboard and reflective safety blanket) hung over my pot and the location is an un-used closet in a spare room.

For nutrients I am using the General Hydroponics trio and I plan to start feeding them around the time the second set of leaves are coming in, I’m also using CaliMagic. Not sure if I will do any sort of training yet because I want to get comfortable with the growing process before I mess around too much but maybe I’ll change my mind. My goal is to blog each day of the process.

Special thanks to as I am following your CFL tutorial supplemented with advice from other websites and forums when needed.


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