Grow 1 – Days 1 through 7

Since I already started an un-published journal I am just going to copy and paste what I’ve documented so far:

Day 1 – January 15, 2017:

Set everything up today and planted the seed. Thoroughly watered the soil with PHed tap water then made a half inch or so hole that I dropped the ungerminated seed into and lightly covered back up. I hung a my 4 way split light socket with 2 40w daylight CFL bulbs around 4 inches away from the soil and I will keep them on 24 hours a day until I switch to flower. Temperature was in the low 60s because the heat breaker was off for this room. Humidity high 40s. Planted seed at around 9pm.

Day 2 – January 16, 2017:

Not much to report today. Constantly checking the pot even though I know it’s not possible the plant would sprout this soon. Got the heating situation handled and now it’s around 68 degrees and around 50% humidity. Soil is still moist and everything seems fine but I’m already getting impatient.

Day 3 – January 17, 2017:

My impatience won today and I really hope I didn’t damage my seedling. Was checking my pot all day hoping I’d see something even though I know it is still highly unlikely. I was blowing the top of the soil hoping to make it easier for the sprout to get out. I eventually got so impatient that I gently started digging around and found the seed. The seed was germinated and had a small taproot. I gently put it back in the soil taproot down and lightly covered it back up. This was a pretty stupid decision but I don’t think I did any damage and hopefully it keeps growing. Temperature had been 68 and humidity had been around 46-48%, soil is still moist so I haven’t given it any more water yet.

Day 4 – January 18, 2017:


What appears to be the seed is sticking out of the soil today…hoping this is a good sign that I didn’t screw my seed up when I dug it up yesterday. I’m assuming the taproot is growing and pushing it up. I have been misting with PHed water every so often because the top of the soil is pretty dry. It does feel wet if I stick my finger into the soil knuckle deep though so I’m not giving is too much water when I spray it. Temperature and humidity are still around 68 degrees and 46%.

Day 5 – January 19, 2017:

When I checked on my plant this morning it seemed pretty much the same as last night. I was concerned that it should still be under ground and that maybe I had placed it too shallow after the digging up the seed incident so I decided to cover it up with a VERY thin layer of moist dirt. It ended up emerging from that dirt later in the day and I’m just gonna let it be for now. I am getting worried that I should be giving it more water. The coco coir perlite mix seems pretty dry on top but I don’t want to flood it since it’s so small. I was spraying it with water every couple of hours today to keep the top moist. In the evening I poured some water out of the sprayer around the seedling to saturate the area more because it seemed too dry to me based on my Internet research and I didn’t want it to be dry overnight. This shifted the soil a bit and covered some of the green that was showing/is showing in thee photo above which was what I was afraid of but hopefully it’s not an issue. Temperature has been 66-68 degrees and humidity has been from like 42-48% today.

Day 6 – January 20, 2017:


Clearly starting to sprout now however the seed was still attached, guessing because I didn’t bury it deep enough after I dug it up. Towards the end of the day I decided to try to take the shell off using tweezers and it came right off like it was probably about to fall off on its own. Have continued to regularly spray it with water. I set up a box fan to blow towards the plant when the closet door is open so it can get some better air circulation. Temperature has been around 68 still and humidity around 45%.

Day 7 – January 21, 2017:


Everything is looking good, hoping the first set of leaves will come out soon. I wasn’t around much today so it was nice to come home and see noticeable growth since this morning. Going to stop spraying and water it normally soon as I think it’s strong enough at this point to not be greatly disturbed by water flow from a watering can. I have been using Calimagic since yesterday in the spray bottle water. Temperature has been 70 degrees today and the humidity has been in the mid 40s.


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